Non-active Company Declaration Form IR433 for New Zealand Inland Revenue Department

The IR433 form is a legal document which enables you to declare a company as non-active and excuses a company from filing income tax and imputation returns.

According to New Zealand Inland Revenue Department, IR433 should be completed when a company has met all of the following conditions that deem a company to be non-active for an entire income year:

  • It has not derived any gross income from any source, and is not deemed to have derived any gross income.
  • It has no allowable deductions.
  • It has not disposed of any assets, and is not deemed to have disposed of any assets.
  • It has not been party to, or continued with, any transactions that have given rise to income or deemed income in any person’s hand, fringe benefits to any employee or former employee or a debit in the company’s imputation credit account or dividend withholding payment account.

In deciding whether a company is “non-active” New Zealand Inland Revenue Department will not take into account any of the following:

  • statutory company filing fees or associated accounting or other costs
  • bank charges or other minimal administration costs that total $50 or less in the income year
  • interest earned on any bank account during the income year, as long as that interest is less than any bank charges or other administration costs.

If the company stops meeting any of the non-active criteria, it must declare to Inland Revenue Department  it is no longer a non-active company by completing a Non-active company reactivation (IR 434) form.

Abaconda Management Group are able to assist you to prepare and file IR433 with New Zealand Inland Revenue Department.

April 11th, 2011