Types of Trusts

Asset Protection Trusts

An “Asset Protection Trust” is a type of trust that is designed to protect assets from the claims of creditors.

Funding Trust

Type of trust created by Settlor to transfer the one-time or fixed-term benefits to the particular Beneficiary or for to pass assets to the particular Beneficiary.

Investment Trust

An “Investment trust” is a type of trust where fund are invested to on a particular reason of portfolio creation in assistance of professional portfolio managers

Standard Family Trusts

Trust witch is set up to hold a family’s assets and/or business for the benefit of providing benefits to a family members.

Income Producing  Trust

Trust created to utiles transfer of income created assts

Generation-skipping trusts

A generation-skipping trust (also called a dynasty trust) allows you to transfer a substantial amount of money tax-free to beneficiaries who are at least two generations your junior – typically your grandchildren.

Charitable Trusts

Through a charitable trust, you may maximize the impact of your giving to the society or non-for-profit organisations.

Special Needs Trust

These trusts are usually specialized spendthrift trusts created for a Beneficiary who suffers from a disability,  illness or depression

Trading trust

Trust which may be used as business vehicle or business development entity, and created for income producing.

Share Holding Trust

Trust created for specific purpose of holding shares in other corporate entities or to participate in holding and operations of newly created corporation.

July 8th, 2011