As a professional New Zealand accounting and taxation firm specializing in dealing with an international clientèle, we are constantly expanding our network of associates, partners and agents in other countries. We work on a principal of utmost professionalism and responsible decision making, positively influencing the significant choices in our clients’ business plans.

Therefore, we are always happy to cooperate with international consultants, accountants and lawyers, whose professional interests overlap with our services. If your clients are interested in establishing a New Zealand business, investing in New Zealand, or incorporating a New Zealand entity for use on the international marketplace, we are ready to assist you and help your valuable clients.

Our profiling area of expertise, in which our partner’s relations may benefit most are:

  • Accounting assistance, tax reporting and tax authority (IRD) representation  in New Zealand on behalf of and for foreign clients
  • Registration and management of   New Zealand business entities (Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, New Zealand Foreign Trusts)
  • International tax planning and tax liabilities strategy research
  • International and New Zealand corporate structuring and administration
  • Establishment of representative offices in New Zealand, and New Zealand business expansion
  • Non-executive directorship for New Zealand and international firms
  • Financial Services Officer (FSO) for New Zealand and  international firms

We welcome the opportunity to represent your interests and the interest of your clients in any of our areas of specialization.

Our business relationships with our associates are established and maintained on a foundation of utmost confidentiality, mutual benefit and professionalism.

If you believe that we can be of assistance to you as a New Zealand based agent or professional partner, please feel free to contact us any further information.