New Zealand Business Consulting

Effective business consulting is not a skill that can be learned from a book or course; it requires talent and years of effective implementation of business strategies, with a mix of strong academic knowledge and technical understanding. Unfortunately, there are more profit seeking businesses than there are reliable consultants. That is where we come in. By all accounts, Abaconda Management Group is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of experienced and successful business consultants, who can guide clients towards unparalleled success.

Our accounting consultants have seen and dealt with countless accounting and taxation scenarios, and attained the experience necessary to quickly deal with the intricacies inherent in multinational business, while staying compliant with local and international legislations.

Our business consultants are all seasoned entrepreneurs and business professionals, who have already faced the same decisions, challenges, and tasks as our clients. They understand perfectly well what will and what will not succeed in the modern business environment.

Our team works to stay on the cutting edge of business practice, legislative changes and academic advances to provide innovative solutions that are compliant with New Zealand and international regulations and requirements.

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International Business Expansion

As proven multinational business experts, we can help you to expand your operations into New Zealand or any other country worldwide. Operating a business in several jurisdictions can have additional advantages, not to mention the potential for much greater profits. However such expansions also carry extra complexities and a lower margin for error. We assist our clients in planning their international structures, optimizing their growth plans, and staying compliant with the regulations of each jurisdiction in which they decide to operate.

South-Pacific Business Expansion

We have facilitated and participated in countless successful business expansions into the South-Pacific region. We hold an in-depth knowledge of the business environment, cultures, and markets of the South-Pacific nations, with a particular specialization in New Zealand. Abaconda Management Group provides the necessary expertise to allow your operations to “hit the ground running”, significantly reducing the uncertainty of entering a new market.

Economic and Financial Research

Sometimes problems and ideas may seem too big to grasp and address straight away. Sometimes projects are too complex to evaluate effectively. Sometimes you need to prove that your plans are grounded in reality and not inflated optimism. We can provide in-depth research into the economic principals and financial foundations of your projects. Our team is experienced in economic forecasting, high-level project evaluation models, net present value of future asset evaluation, and portfolio simulation principals.

Financial Modeling

Computers and technology have fundamentally altered and improved almost every principal in our daily lives. There is nothing to say that the same ideal cannot be seen in your financial business plans. We have a team of programming experts who use the latest technology to accurately model financial plans to produce a spectrum of forecasts and estimates that could not be possible without technology. Any clients wishing to gain a fuller picture of their exposure to gains and losses should consult with us on our financial modeling products.

Corporate Restructuring

The modern business world is not static, and neither are the business affairs of our clients. In the pursuit of growth, efficiency and profits, businesses undergo change and may need to examine their situation, carrying out appropriate reorganizations to their legal, ownership, operational, or other structures. We can assist and advise clients in optimizing and planning their corporate restructuring to ensure optimal results now and into the future.

Accounting & Taxation Consultancy

Accounting and taxation issues play an integral part in the running of a successful business. With the importance placed on these topics it is understandable that even an experienced in-house accountant should occasionally run into roadblocks and difficult questions. We have a team of talented accounting and taxation consultants who can help resolve difficult issues and intricate situations in your business. We offer on-going accounting and taxation services, and one-off consultations for pressing and urgent matters.

Merger Assistance

Business mergers and acquisitions can bring unequaled synergistic benefits to the companies involved. However, they also carry an extra level of uncertainty and complexity. Clients considering mergers are advised to consult with us to discuss the best course of actions and procedures to follow.

Strategic Business Planning

All business owners strive to see their operations expand. However, beyond purely reaching for growth, consideration needs to be given to the strategic future of the business. Which directions will bring greater profit? Which investments will ensure the continued safety of the company? What should the company do to ensure its wellbeing into the future? Our consultants are repeatedly faced with these questions, and prove time and time again that they arrive at the answers that ensure optimal results. All clients are advised to discuss their business strategies with us, to ensure that they are on the correct path to reach their goals.

Risk Management Advisory

Unfortunately international investment and multinational business is not a risk-free endeavor. Our team of consultants takes a proactive approach to risk advisory, conducting an audit of the client’s operations to determine potential problems before they occur. We are experts in forensics accounting and risk management, and can advise clients on the issues of fraud prevention, internal control optimization, and internal corporate control measures.

External & Non-Executive Directorship

We can provide independent and experienced directorship services for any sized companies in almost any industry. Our directors can aid in creation of positive business policy and strategy; give independent advice on company performance and structure; provide valuable and seasoned insights into the modern business world; and establish a greater network of contacts for the company.

Corporate Administration

Corporate administration is sometimes seen as a collection of small tasks that are endlessly carried out in the background of a business. However, these activities form the functional backbone of a corporation, keeping running smoothly and enacting its strategies. We can provide a full set of corporate administration service to ensure that the details of running the company are covered, leaving you free to pursue the big picture, Our services can include filing of reports and returns to all appropriate government departments, preparation and filing of corporate documentation, resolutions and minutes, contract and agreement expertise and preparation, legal expertise, organization of the meetings of the board of directors and shareholder meetings, and keeping you updated of any relevant changes to tax regulations or due dates.