Due Diligence

We pride ourselves on delivering high quality services, and as part of our procedures we require our clients to provide certain information to fulfill internationally recognized Know Your Client (KYC) protocols.
We understand that the procedures could potentially be slightly time consuming for clients, but we do not wish to compromise the integrity of the New Zealand economy, the country’s business standards, or our own reputation.

Our requirements are straightforward and in line with commonly practiced due diligence procedures around the world, and only seek to obtain evidence of our clients’ identities, verify their residence, and gain understanding of the their financial and business needs.

Before we provide our services to potential clients we require the following information/documents to be supplied:

  • Certified proof of identity for all directors, shareholders, owners, beneficial owners, and signatories. Typically the identity requirement will be met with a passport certified by a Notary. The attestation is required to clearly state the exact nature of the certification provided, and legibly stating that any copy is a true copy of an original document. Certification must show the legal name and contact details for the Notary.
  • Proof of residence for all directors, shareholders owners, beneficial owners and signatories. Typically this requirement is satisfied with a certified copy of a current utility bill. The documents must be no more than three months old.
  • The goods and services that the entity will be traded.
  • The jurisdiction(s) in which the new entity will be operating.
  • Letter of Authorization for the Inland Revenue Department.

In some limited cases we may also ask clients to provide the following information:

  • A reference letter from their current bank. This must be in English and be no more than 3 months old.
  • Whether the new entity will be using 3rd party funds.

All requested documents and information must first be scanned sent to us via email. The original/notarized documents must then be delivered to our office.

For assured promptness of delivery and high degree of document safety, we recommend that you use a registered international courier.