At Abaconda Management group we have built an extensive and ever expanding bank of information about doing business in New Zealand, including a several informational publications, a collection of New Zealand government legislation, and our analysis of current business and taxation news. Our work is freely available to our clients and agents, or anyone interested in our services.

Up to date analysis of current events and news regarding New Zealand taxation and other fiscal topics pertinent to our international clientele.

Due Diligence
At Abaconda Management Group we provide fast, effective and responsive services for all our clients. However to ensure best practices we hold stringent due diligence policies, which are applied equally to all clients.

Abaconda Management Group prides itself in being an industry leading taxation and accounting service provider. Such a lofty position can only come from an intricate understanding of New Zealand legislation as they apply to clients.

Abaconda Management Group has made available a number of documents which closely detail New Zealand companies, New Zealand Foreign Trusts, and several other important aspects of operating New Zealand business structures.Our library also provides access a wide array of legislation that could be valuable to our clients.