New Zealand Library

This extensive information library was compiled for the benefit of our clients and partners, and features a wealth of information pertinent to conducting business in New Zealand.  This collection consists of Abaconda Management Group’s own brochures and booklets, and selected pieces of New Zealand government legislation.

We welcome all of our clients to make full use of the resources available in the library. If any questions should arise, or if there are topics that you are interested to learn more about, please do not hesitate to contact us further.

Our Publications

New Zealand publicationsWe have expended great efforts to ensure that all of our clients are provided the resources they need to effectively accomplish their business goals in New Zealand, and offer open access to our publication library in an effort clearly explain our services, procedures, and associated government regulations. All material made available here is copyrighted to us, and cannot be re-distributed or published without our prior written agreement.

New Zealand Legislation

New Zealand publicationsAll business conducted in New Zealand is bound by a concrete set of legislations and rules. The very foundation of our services rests on a complete understanding of all relevant New Zealand regulations, a selection of which is made available in this collection. No copyright restrictions are applied to the use of New Zealand Government Legislation documents.