New Zealand Business Entity Formation

As a full-featured accounting and taxation firm, Abaconda Management Group assists its clients in the formation of New Zealand business entities. We can establish New Zealand Companies, New Zealand Foreign Trusts, New Zealand Limited Partnerships, New Zealand Look-Through Companies and New Zealand Financial Service Provider Companies.

We are experienced in forming business entities and enacting business structures for a wide-reaching spectrum of clientele, from wealthy individuals to large multinational firms dealing with multi-faceted business operations. We are happy to work with New Zealand clients or overseas investors that are looking to establish business operations in New Zealand or to form a New Zealand corporate vehicle to handle their international affairs.

Abaconda Management Group offers the statutory corporate services that are required by our clients. We also provide ongoing accounting and taxation services for our newly registered entities or structures already operating in New Zealand and internationally.

We can establish fully operational New Zealand Limited Liability Companies for international investors looking to establish a New Zealand base of operations for their local and overseas business, or for national clients looking to carry out business in New Zealand or internationally.  For customers looking to form a prestige New Zealand company as an item for business image expansion and reputation building, we have specialized service offering to establish dormant New Zealand Companies, which could be accompanied by image creation and development services. We also offer assistance in formation of Look-Through Companies, New Zealand’s newest corporate entity type, which under certain conditions allows for “passing-through” of incomes to shareholders with no New Zealand tax liabilities arising.

At Abaconda Management Group we provide comprehensive New Zealand Foreign Trust Formation services, with varying packages based on the particular requirements of the client. New Zealand Foreign Trusts are an excellent intentional tax planning opportunity for overseas clients wishing to operate a potentially 0% taxed entity from an OECD jurisdiction. A New Zealand Foreign Trust is required to have all non-resident Settlors and Beneficiaries, and any number of Trustees, with only one required to be a New Zealand Resident Trustee. Depending on the requirements of the client, the New Zealand Foreign Trust can be configured in countless ways to compliment the customer’s business goals.