New Zealand Taxation

The realm of taxation is facing an unprecedented level of change, with governments and international bodies all concentrating on increasing tax compliance and addressing tax abuse.

Our taxation services are aimed at helping businesses navigate the myriad of ever changing rules, regulations and legislation faced by New Zealand businesses operating in the country or abroad.  

By utilizing our full range of taxation services, you can rest assured that you have taken the best possible step towards ensuring that your New Zealand business remains compliant with all relevant tax requirements.

To order New Zealand Taxation Services, complete our accounting price estimator, or contact us directly.

Tax Planning

Abaconda Management Group will help you asses, understand and optimize your tax situation before embarking on any new projects or developments, ensuring that you go forward in the most efficient and beneficial manner possible.

As fully accredited and qualified members of the Accountants and Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand, our staff are recognized as being able to provide sound taxation planning advice to clients.

Using our tax planning services will help customers plan their business in the most efficient manner, making the most of available opportunities and encouraging the growth and development.

Corporate Income Tax

New Zealand Companies are liable to pay corporate income tax on their global profits regardless of whether the business activates are conducted in New Zealand and overseas.

Abaconda Management Group can provide advice on corporate income tax for entities working in New Zealand and for tax transparent New Zealand entities working overseas.

As part of our services, we will complete all the necessary procedures to help you comply with the administrative and filing requirements in front of the Inland Revenue Department, and we will liaise with tax authorities to ensure that your corporate income tax obligations are met with minimal hassle to you.

Indirect Taxes

New Zealand business entities may be liable to register for GST and other indirect taxes regardless of whether the profit making activities are conducted in the country or overseas.

We will help you understand how indirect taxes may affect your New Zealand business, and will help you complete all of the necessary registrations, filing and document preparation to ensure full compliance with relevant laws, regulations and requirements.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing policies can make a significant impact on the taxation situation and legal standing of any New Zealand business operating overseas in conjunction with an international partner or a subsidiary.

By utilizing our transfer pricing consulting and services, you can optimize your business operations across the globe, while ensuring that all transactions are compliant with New Zealand standards and with all international best practices.

Tax Agent Services

Tax Agent Services are an essential option for business owners, regardless of whether they are based in New Zealand or overseas.

Taking on our Tax Agent Services links your business to our Tax Agency with the Inland Revenue Department, relegating front-line contact regarding the tax affairs of your business directly to our specialists.

With our Tax Agent Services we are recognized as representing the best interests of your business in front of the Inland Revenue Department, meaning that any questions, queries and requests are fielded by our expert staff at the first possible opportunity.

Employment Tax

All New Zealand businesses hiring employees in the country are required to comply with monthly Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax obligations.

With our services you will be able to shed the burden of understanding an unfamiliar system, delegating all calculation, preparation and filing obligations with our dedicated team of New Zealand accounting specialists.

Personal Tax

Every entrepreneur doing business in New Zealand, whether as a new migrant or a permanent resident, whether temporarily or permanently, needs to ensure that they are fully compliant with all necessary personal tax obligations arising from personal incomes.

By talking to our experts you can make sure that your New Zealand tax obligations are properly declared filed and paid.

Our staff will also help clients ensure that all available tax breaks, allowances and concessions are utilized in order to help maximize efficiency and reduce costs.