New Zealand Prestige Companies

First impressions count for too much in the modern corporate world to be treated as an afterthought. You need to ensure that when potential clients first encounter your business they are met with an impressive image and are left with a positive drive to pay for your services. In this respect, your company’s reputation is one of its most valuable and hardest earned assets.

Potential customers will always gravitate to reliable firms with subsidiaries around the world. There is no denying that when faced with the option of working with a large, established and apparently thriving business, or a small local company, clients will typically choose the larger firm. As a business owner you might be surprised at how easy it can be to establish an overseas subsidiary right now, in order to bolster your company image in a matter of mere hours. Having a foreign subsidiary instantly gives the impression of reliability and repeated successes, which fills customers with more assurances than costly marketing campaigns and over-wrought PR efforts ever could. In many cases, establishing a foreign branch is actually much cheaper than you might imagine, with our comprehensive packages starting at less than USD 1000. Even the smallest of start-up firms can afford to establish a foreign subsidiary and begin operations as a large and successful multi-national, instead of fledgling business.

We can establish your personalized New Zealand Limited Liability Company to function as a subsidiary, in the same time that it takes to purchase an offshore shelf-company, which will have an already questionable reputation. This New Zealand Company can serve you from a pure image perspective, or can be used as regional contact points for potential customers. International clients will be more at ease doing business with you if seeing a regional subsidiary in an OECD country with a very high reputation. We can also register a New Zealand or international internet domain for your company with your own email addresses, further building up an image as a reputable, successful, multinational business. To facilitate communication, we can establish New Zealand local call answering services, ensuring that any clients contacting you are addressed quickly by a local operator. We can arrange virtual offices addresses at prestigious locations across New Zealand, along with mail forwarding services, and even business facilities if needed.

Under typical circumstances, such “prestige companies” are used for representation and image creation only, especially in the businesse’s initial start up and growth period. With this in mind, our formation packages allow you the opportunity to declare the company as dormant at the end of the year. If you specifically plan to run such a non-trading company, you are not required maintain accounting and taxation records, as the entity will be exempt from audit and accounting filing requirements, once it confirms its non-active status at the conclusion of the financial year. However, throughout its period as a non-trading entity, the company may take actions in preparation for its future trading, such as opening a bank account anywhere in the world or engaging in agreements for future use of properties and assets.